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“So not me” Party

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We all have our familiar roles and styles and after a while it can get just a little bit safe and boring. Worse still we stop seeing each other as complex and interesting characters. Use a so-not-me party for you and your friends to break out and experiment with a persona that is just not [...]

Adult’s Party Games

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Whether it’s a big party with friends and family or a small celebration with best friends, lover or partner, games help get people mixing and talking to each other. Board game parties are popular and you can have a selection of games so if there are a lot of people, they can choose their group [...]

Cape Dressup Theme Parties

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There’s something special about capes. They can give you a comfort like a cosy blanket, yet at the same time tempt to you swirl and flourish. You realise this simple party theme has a lot of scope when you start thinking about all the different sorts of characters who wear capes – from Little Red [...]

Casino Theme Party

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Casino and poker games are a great adult theme party. Host an intimate get-together for a simple poker night with drinks and nibblies. Or go to town with a Vegas style casino night with flamboyant costumes, cocktails, and decorations. Casino and Poker Equipment, Accessories and Casino-themed party supplies Party Delights – Party Delights stocks over [...]

Hat Party

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Hats change the way we look and feel. Tell your guests they can wear anything they like but they must wear a hat. You can give them free reign, or be specific with rules like… Hats of a specific colour Hats of a type – eg top hats, Easter bonnets… Hats of their favourite character [...]

Hens Party and Girls Night Out

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Celebration or last Hurrah! So you’re in charge of organising the Hen’s party and you have no idea what you’re going to do. Here are a few different ideas – some classy, some quirky but hopefully all fun. Hens Party Costumes and Outfits Angels Fancy Dress – the leading fancy dress shop in the UK [...]

Medieval and Renaissance Parties

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Medieval and renaissance parties can focus on the sophistication of the castle setting or the rowdiness of the tavern and the cast of characters can range from Kings and Queens, Lords and Ladies, Princes and Princesses to knights, court jesters, and tavern wenches. Medieval re-enactment fairs are held around the UK but you can also [...]

Mystery & Whodunit Theme Parties

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This can be simply a themed costume party, or involve a variety of games. The classic mystery party game has guests cast in various roles and competing to sniff out the culprit in their midst. The “crime” is often murder, but it could be something as simple – and dastardly – as eating the last [...]

Office Parties

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Organise an office morning tea or luncheon celebration and inject a bit of fun in the working day! How to Make an Office Party Calendar Organise a birthdays list so no one gets forgotten. If you don’t have a designated person who is responsible for organising parties, make a party roster. Once you have an [...]

Outer Space Party Ideas

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20 July is the anniversary of the first moon landing. It was 1969! Party Supplies and Decorations Make stars, planets and moons from cardboard, foil, styrofoam balls and glow-in-the dark paint and hang them on the walls and ceiling. Or get some ready-made glow-in-the-dark stars. Use a black light bulb to for bring out the [...]

Pirate Party Ideas

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Young and old alike enjoy the pirate theme. Talk Like a Pirate Day is on September 19 every year, just one of many excuses for a pirate party. Check out the following pirate party ideas and online shops for inspiration for pirate gifts and swashbuckling parties. It goes without saying that everyone must talk like [...]

Saturday Night Fever Party Ideas

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The film was released in 1977 and stars a young Travolta. By night he is the king of the local disco, 2001 Odyssey. Have fun with this theme! Play some 70s disco, practice your jives and boogies, wear some flares and sparkly 70s costumes and decorate with disco balls and lights. Another film from the [...]

Spanish & Mexican Parties and Fiestas

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Hola España! You might choose to have a fiesta for a number of reasons. Perhaps it’s the 5th of May and you want to celebrate the Mexican Army’s victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla (“Cinco de mayo”). Or, perhaps.. not? Whatever your reasons, there are four things you need to transform your [...]

Stag Party and Boys Night Out

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Stag nights should be planned carefully to ensure that the groom will be safe and in good condition on his wedding day. You can have anything from a quiet night together to something outrageous and memorable… Here are a few different ideas – some classy, some not-so-classy, some quirky but hopefully all fun. Stag Party [...]


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Science fiction meets steam! You’ve got lots of settings to choose from – from historical with British Victorian or American “Wild West” to an imagined future dystopia – or utopia depending on your point of view – which steam power has returned.

Wild West Party Ideas

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Strong, silent types, gunslingers and bandits, cowboys and cowgirls, Native American Indians, prospectors, entrepreneurs, and saloon girls – the Wild West was full of colourful characters that can help inspire your Wild West theme. Wild West Party Costumes Jokers Masquerade – A large range of high quality fancy dress costumes and accessories. Based in England [...]

Zombie Clothing and Costumes

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The most important part of a zombie costume is the makeup – generally white face / arms with red blood, scars, sores, and general decay. The costumes themselves can be highly creative (zombie bride and groom / zombie explorer), highly creepy and decaying (see the products below), or simple modifications to regular clothing – whatever [...]

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