Decorations & Catering Supplies

Decorations and games go a long way to set the mood for your party. You can use different things to achieve the desired effect, including lighting, scene setters and posters or you could transform the doorway into a portal to the alternate world of the party.

No matter what sort of party it is, indoor or outdoors, lighting makes all the difference. Lighting is for safety, to set the mood, match the colour or theme of the party, and to show things off.

  • Party Pieces has loads of exclusive party kit bundles and great deals for customers.
  • GB Posters invest in some posters to match your theme and enjoy having them when the party is over. Standard posters, door posters and much more.
  • The Glow Company specialises in practical, fun and innovative products that glow in the dark, illuminate, flash and shine.

 Games to get the action happening.

Ok, so you've set the scene and you're all dressed up, now you have to get people mixing and talking to each other.  Games are an easy way to do this.  They provide reasons to talk and things to say without the fear of rejection. You can try board-games, trivia games, best/worst costume competitions.