Graduation Parties

Graduation – from school, college, university right up to getting to put Dr in front of your name – is an event worth celebrating.

Graduation can bring a mixed bag of emotions – relief at finishing, pride at your results, excitement at moving on to the next phase in your life.

Graduation Party Decorations, Graduation Party Games & Activities

This will depend on whether it is a shared graduation party with lots of guests celebrating their graduation or a party to celebrate a family member or friend who has graduated.

For combined graduation parties make a photobook or souveniers of the graduating cohort for lasting memories with PhotoBox.

Graduation Gifts

  • All Jigsaw Puzzles Choose from over 1350 popular & hard-to-find jigsaw puzzles. Jigsaws for beginner to expert – up to 18,000 piece challenges. You could get a personalised jigsaw of newspapers of your chosen date, a photo of the year's cohort, a scan of the graduation certificate and lots more. Based in Surrey – delivers worldwide.
  • Activity Superstore – Give them an experience to excite or relax them after their long studies. Anything from throttle Ferrari Driving, to adrenaline fuelled White Water Rafting and Extreme Aerobatics in an Extra 300 aircraft to total indulgence at a luxury health spa
  • Green! beautiful trees to make a unique and lasting gift to makr the start of a new stage of life. Their tree gifts are delivered individually boxed with your own personalised greetings card on the date you choose. UK and Ireland delivery.
  • PhotoBox have a great range of gifts including photobooks, stationery, clothing, mugs, snowglobes, calendars and diaries that you can personalise with your own photos. You could make a photobook of their childhood or student days. For combined graduation parties make a photobook or souveniers of the graduating cohort for lasting memories.

Graduation Party Foods

  • Scrolls – anything cylindrical or that can roll up can be made into a scroll by adding some ribbon-like decoration. Think savoury wraps or sausage rolls
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