Hat Party

Hats change the way we look and feel. Tell your guests they can wear anything they like but they must wear a hat. You can give them free reign, or be specific with rules like…

  • Hats of a specific colour
  • Hats of a type – eg top hats, Easter bonnets…
  • Hats of their favourite character which provides great scope from a Tommy Cooper fez to an Indiana Jones Fedora to an Hercule Poirot bowler hat or Marlene Dietrich top hat! This has the added benefit of making others guess your character
  • Home-made hat
  • Outrageous hats

Here are some places you can buy hats…


  • Angels Fancy Dress – the leading fancy dress shop in the UK with costumes for every occasion. Top quality costumes, they deliver UK and international.
  • Jokers Masquerade – A large range of high quality fancy dress costumes and accessories. Based in England with UK wide and international delivery, (excluding U.S and Canada). Check out their Hats & Head Attire for lots of novelty hats and dress-up for adults and children.


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