Hollywood Parties

You've got a lot of scope with a Hollywood party. You could ask people to come as their favourite movie character or actor, or you could specify a movie genre (action, musical, western, chick flick) or era (silent movies, black & white, talkies, colour, etc).

Hollywood Party Costumes

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Hollywood Party Products & Decorations

Entrance is everything, be sure to have a red carpet and ask your guests to strike a pose for the camera as they arrive. Hire or make your own arch for guests to pose under. Wind fairy lights around it for a sparkle effect. For elegance, stick to red, gold, black and silver and light some candles. For a cheesy Hollywood party, decorate with real or fake palm trees.

Hollywood Food Ideas

  • Your food should be as glamorous as your theme. For toasts, martinis, sparkling juice or champagne is a Hollywood must.
  • Finger food works best with this theme, such as cheese platters, olives, dips, fruit kebabs and mini sandwiches.
  • Bite size desserts include chocolate-dipped strawberries, profiteroles and mini-tarts.
  • If you're having a cake, make it dark chocolate with real or edible red roses to decorate.

Hollywood Party Ideas


  • For wilder parties, young Hollywood is the most obvious choice. Think Paris Hilton, diva-antics and a fluffy white dog for your handbag.
  • Another option is famous Hollywood break-ups. Ask guests to dress as their favourite couples from the past. These can be as zany as Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor or as A-list as Brad and Jen.
  • Pick a blockbuster and have everyone dress as their favourite character. Choose one with an interesting wardrobe such as Moulin Rouge or Indiana Jones.


  • Having a prize for the best dressed can encourage people to find a costume.
  • Alternately you could stage your own Academy Awards and give prizes for Best Actor/Actress.
  • Have an autograph book for guests to sign.

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